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Helping Women Flourish In Their Faith + Gifts While Walking In Their God Given Identity

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 Nurse Practitioner | Nonprofit Strategist | Podcaster | Author  

Dr. Sharla Walker is a doctorally prepared pediatric nurse practitioner, nonprofit founder and strategist, podcaster, and author who is dedicated to helping women flourish in their faith, gifts, and God-given identity. Her podcast, God, Goals, and Girl Talk, delivers the word of God in an applicable way to help women have a deeper transformative relationship with God. The show has charted globally in over 10 countries, spreading the Good News and helping women flourish in their faith. As the Founder and CEO of Hearts Over Habits, Inc., Dr. Sharla has developed innovative strategies and systems to help improve the lives of young women in at risk communities. Her medical and nonprofit knowledge multiplied into a desire to help other women build strategic and sustainable nonprofit organizations. Dr. Walker is a ‘Kingdom Building Enthusiast’, who is on a mission to equip women of God to operate 'at the top of their God ordained license' in their faith, gifts, and God given identities.

Tools + Resources


Want to start or grow your relationship with God? Take this 2 minute quiz to discover where you currently are on your journey so that you can take your relationship and Biblical understanding to the next level. At the end of the quiz, you will get both your results and a free resource to help you reach your specific spiritual goals.


God, Goals, and Girl Talk Podcast is a seasonal podcast that facilitates the growth of women in their relationship with Christ and in their calling. Listeners will learn how to practically apply God’s word to their life as it relates to their faith, purpose, relationships, and careers. Our foundation of divine discipline guarantees Godly success as we are on the collective pursuit of life, love, & Jesus Christ.


These original bible studies help challenge limiting mindsets and provide practical tools to help women flourish in their faith + gifts. 

Each course is crafted utilizing our Divine Development framework. Participants are encouraged to consecrate, remain consistent in their pursuit of God, and be committed to the leadings and instruction of the Holy Spirit. 

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